Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Street Intervention

What makes you feel Secure?

Safe and Sound is a street intervention we held on the 6th of December in the Merchiston campus. Shona Forsyth, Daisy Lazuraus an I spent the day getting people to take the time out their day to think about what makes them secure in their life.

They would write down there 'security' on a paper padlock that we hand crafted. This was in the hope people would relax for a second and try to not take for granted the things that make us feel happy and safe.

We had a large cage that people could clamp their lock onto and hopefully this 'ritual' would aid in the idea of them realising what they may be taking for granted.

We got very interesting locks on the day and in total got over 150 people to take part.

We took photos throughout the day here are some examples:

Research Project

We see type everyday and most blur together into a simple text that informs and instructs: whether this be transport displays or a shop name. I have chosen to do a research project on the idea of ordinary type that we overlook everyday. 

Through research into design blogs and different design websites I have chosen a list of the top 25 most used typefaces of our time.

From this I hope to question people in the effort to get them to look at the subtle differences between these everyday types. The only question I am asking the public is which typeface they feel represents them. 

By using this simple question, hopefully, they will look closely at each font and begin to see the real differences. 

The List Of Typefaces

Some Pictures of People So Far . .

Hopefully a fun animation of my research participants . .

Obviously This hideous collage won't be the finished article I am now thinking a short movie could be my outcome with simple movement and animation and hopefully beautiful type displaying all the great words I have collected to describe each type.

Some of the Data So Far

1 Nikki scotland 2     0 Trajan "I am subtley bold, adventurous and spontaneous."
2 Holly english 19 Trajan "I also fit neatly inside a box . . but I rarely stay there."
3 Shona scotland 19 Cooper Black "I am bubbly, cheerful, and optimistic"
4 Mick english -- Cooper Black "I am slightly overweight, I make a statement,
and I like to think I'm confident"
5 Craig irish 20 Helvetica "I'm also very Attractive"
6 Tom scottish 21 Helvetica "I am easily used . ."
7 James scottish 18 Helvetica "I am reliable, versatile and capable."
8 Daniel scottish 18 Helvetica "I am nice, friendly and simple minded."
9 Noel irish 19 Optima "I am happy and optimistic."
10 Daisy england 19 Optima "At first glance I "seem" organised"

11 Ian scottish -- Optima "The variety of the line is similar to my grey hairs"
12 Anthony scottish 18 Century Gothic "I am epic and quite fancy."
13 Jenny irish 22 Century Gothic "I am well balanced and curvy."
14 David scottish 18 Rockwell "I want to seem strong."
15 Sarah scottish 19 Rockwell "I'm tall and sturdy but I'm playful too."
16 Marin norway 22 Am. Type "I like to think I'm neat and tidy."
17 Emma scottish 21 Am. Type "I have classic ideals in a modern world."
18 Brooke american 20 Am. Type "because im quintesentially american."

19 Pauric irish 21 Myriad "I am also awkward."
20 Huse scottish 19 Myriad "I like life to be simple and uncomplicated."
21 Bianca english 21 Futura "I like to look to the future."
22 Tom scottish 21 Futura I am tall, straight to the point, with no fluffy,
serif squiggly nonsense."
23 Teo saf 22 Times "I am smart, trustworthy, formal and business like."
24 Joni english 20 Bembo "I am fragile and delicate . ."
25  Rory scottish 19 Franklin G "It is very scyfi looking and space age."
26 Riddhi indian 20 Jenson "I am also artistic."

27 Jamie scottish 21 Garamond "I am also beautiful and timeless."
28 Becki scottish 21 Bodoni "I am feminine, quiet and understated."
29 Dave scottish 22 Clarendon "I too am old quite fashioned."
30 Ross scottish 21 Univers "like me its very stylish."
31 Andres spanish 23 Frutiger "I am well rounded, neat and also a little too
spaced out."
32 Jess scottish 18 Verdana "I am neat and tidy."

New Updates: typeface research finally organised!!

Should be adding along to this the feedback from people on each type and a little info about the designer and usage.

31 things that make life worth living

This is my first idea for my 31 things project. The concept being 'taking a bite out of life'. The core still needs alot of work. I'm having trouble making the text sit nicely. Any feedback helps.

This is my second idea for 31 things. This concept is the cliche of the 'tree of life', each branch representing a reason to live. It is clearly heavily influenced by the current snowy weather and atmosphere.