Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Street Intervention

What makes you feel Secure?

Safe and Sound is a street intervention we held on the 6th of December in the Merchiston campus. Shona Forsyth, Daisy Lazuraus an I spent the day getting people to take the time out their day to think about what makes them secure in their life.

They would write down there 'security' on a paper padlock that we hand crafted. This was in the hope people would relax for a second and try to not take for granted the things that make us feel happy and safe.

We had a large cage that people could clamp their lock onto and hopefully this 'ritual' would aid in the idea of them realising what they may be taking for granted.

We got very interesting locks on the day and in total got over 150 people to take part.

We took photos throughout the day here are some examples:

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